VISIBLY CLEAR<sup>®</sup> Blackhead Eliminating | Neutrogena


Remove blackheads with a specially crafted product line.

Blackheads are hard to get rid of and they will always come back, right? That does not have to be. Please help Neutrogena Visibly Clear ® Blackhead Eliminating product line.

The blackheads made of dead skin cells and excessive tales block the pores, and when they come into contact with the air, they stain into blacks. Blackheads are not dirt and can not be washed away. NEUTROGEN VISIBLY CLEAR ® Blackhead Eliminating Product Kit contains salicylic acid that works effectively against blackheads. Peeling cream contains microgranules that deep cleans the pores and the face water contains fat-soluble ingredients that help keep the pores clean and prevent the emergence of new blackheads.

VISIBLY CLEAR ® Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub is a full-bodied creamy scrub that can be used daily to aid in the removal and prevention of blackheads. It has been clinically proven to keep blackheads away for up to three weeks.

VISIBLY CLEAR ® Blackhead Eliminating Toner works deeply in the skin and removes dirt, fat and impurities from the dermis, making your skin visibly cleaner and crispy.

Works against both blacksmiths

clogged pores, excess oil


significantly reduces blackheads